Fall poetry

Tremble inside of a single thought

glowing in breathtaking colors,

as a beautiful leaf floating slowly to the ground

surely soon to be stepped over.

Close your eyes, my love .

Feel the autumn poetry flow to you.

I carry your indecisive mind ,

as you’re distancing yourself unexpectedly.

Yet ,oh very expectedly.

In the timeless hunger of madness you travel , and you always grant me with the clouds in shape of the pearls.

The tears that won’t appear in my eyes, but my very soul.

I’m sick of the pearls

I wish for a orchids in a perfect shape and the glow

Close your eyes my love.

Do you comprehend how deeply all the decades of indecision powered trough?

Do you instinctively know how much I would have loved you?

To tell you to forget me , would you?

That I don’t know.

To tell you to come to me , would you?

You wouldn’t.

That I know..

So ,tremble in a timeless thought, my dear

As a beautiful vision that you are.

Oh , it’s storming . The clouds have been covering over ,

but the air feels incredibly fresher

You , my gorgeous colorful leaf ,

Just got crashed beneath the muddy feet.