The story

“Love story written by the youth,

sang the melody of my heart.

Hidden shades with your name, and the redness of the sky on my lips.

He smiled at me quietly,

reading all my secrets under my eyes”

9 thoughts on “The story

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    • But how would you like it if i left it on Croatian only?…But yes, i agree, just like a smile …no translation needed. Which remind me to ask, you commented a part of a poem on Croatian “nas tu nema” …you understand words ,or you liked just sound of it?

      • I said sometimes. But versatile emotions are felt somehow. I have Ukrainian-Polish roots so I can guess, of course. But not all. “Nas tuT nema” is how it is in Ukrainian. Though, how strange, – “we are here”. : ) WIll you allow me to know you better and come closer to listen to the whole story and see you? : )

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