Sad people

ImageHow many of you, sad people,

wasting your days, 

changing faces,

and wondering who did she smiled at?

How does that feeling of running away from yourselves last that long?

Why don’t you, big head, your fake concern,

turn in your pity,

and seek for help?

Don’t you have tiring job to do ,

instead hurtful words to say?

Why don’t you see that those open mouths 

could get a bit wider and bit you back?

You’re so same!.

Oh, she knows you all!

Haven’t you hear that she smile still

and the path of her life brighten with a sunrise?

Haven’t you changed colors in your faces , 

just now, 

recognizing you?”



5 thoughts on “Sad people

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  2. Well expressed at the end:

    “Haven’t you changed colors in your faces ,

    just now,

    recognizing you?”

    Wonderful picture, too! You are a talented artist 🙂

  3. I don’t know why I should like “Sad People” but I do.

    People can be contrary and fake. They don’t bother me; I give them none of my time. Nevertheless I believe they would be sad if they knew what they are missing – your words and your lovely pictures.


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