My key board pal

I am having the most fun conversation with my double language pal, key board, again.

The words of  my own language poured out of me ,knowing that very few people would understand it.

So i happily typed my sentence , that happen to have meaning of my dreamy sad side of inspiration,

and next i know i was bursting in laughter . The translation i  got was literary the most silliest nonsense of a day.

My poem turned into bunch of hard truth reflection in trying to have order ,or reason of words.

In the end ,i wrote about delicious cookie i had with my first coffee.

We do not need a reason, just a pure inspiration as simple as this silly game with my pal, key board.

12 thoughts on “My key board pal

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  2. I know a Polish poet who arites in English and says it is very, very hard…but inestimably rich, to bring the d ideas from one language into another. I wish I had that experience.

    • Yes, it is difficult to translate words that you cannot express in any other language but your own (sometimes not even that)…but we empower ourselves learning each day a little more and find the way. And the way is beautiful!

      • She does like the insights she gains from writing/thinking in one language about writing/thinking in another. I found that insight fascinating, and felt the “poverty” of only knowing one language intimately. I studied Irish for a couple of years and learned a bit of what she was talking about that would take me an essay to explain…or an evening’s conversation over a few beers. Thanks for the reply.

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