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My second book coming up soon!!!

The book “AWAKENING” is an observation of my life experiences in different situations. It is a confession
of feelings, that helped me realize how important is to be true to myself, and the people I care about,
inexcusably speaking my mind.
“I refuse to be fed by their discussed ridicule.
I won’t be donating my brain, to serve you worthlessly.
It will pay your bills, yes, but not your sanity and peaceful sleep”
In this world, I am convinced that nobody can avoid fake friends, coincidence and wrong doing in life. The
magic is to learn how to remove you from it. It’s the main part of who we are becoming later.
“When you look into your inner self,
What is the first image your heart sees?
I have searched my soul; I invited the brightness of healing, from the fresh air”
I love being happy and to carelessly play with my kids. I believe that no other feeling can compare to
motherhood. “That’s what I am, all crazy running games.
That is why my life is made for; my occupied happiness”
I dedicate this book to the healthy changes, to the new inspirations, to my family here, and those who I miss
dearly back home.
“In this rain, I am standing soaked, as the naked truth remaining still.
Open my soul, and read me as a book.
Tell me, what do you see?”
Biljana Zovkic was born on July 18th 1971 in Ljubuski (ex Yugoslavia).
She is mother of three and a wife of 22 years. During her life, caused by different
circumstances, she lived in different places, but was always surrounded by love.
After a long journey, she has published her first book “The world of my voice”,
which inspired her to passionately continue search for long ago written notes, as
well as the very recent poems.
This book “AWAKENING” is emotional portrait of words and illustrations. It’s filled with imaginary, yet real
mind speaking, inspired by love, surviving, motherhood, friendships, betrayal, and especially by finding her
true purpose in life.
She currently lives in Woodstock, Illinois .



“He has shaken her off of his shoulder,

like the crumbs of walnut shell,

feeding the rabbit

that aimlessly circled around

freshly trimmed branches. 

He comfortably defeated her ,

and used as a rag ,

to wipe off his needs,

like dirt”Image