Poisoned Cat Land

pic 14 bk 2“There was a small,disfigured yellow cat ,

with a tongue of a snake,

and a  mile long pathway of misery.

She diligently circled around

with unrecognizable hunger shape .

She ate a white sniffer dog poisoned ,

then she fed her vomit to others.

In that sick entertainment session,

the white dogs chin touched his nose ,

pulling army of weak ants to follow his rules,

as miserable human tattoos.

It will pay your bills, yes,

but not your sanity and peaceful sleep.

I have refused to be fed by its discussed ridicule.

I wont be donating my brain ,

to serve you worthlessly!

This life of mine has much greater purpose.

So, i distance myself away from it.

Oh, how powerful does gratitude  taste in a free cup of coffee!

May the chin sniffer dog and his disfigured pal, yellow cat,

swim comfortably in their pond

of a poisoned cat land”


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