“He has shaken her off of his shoulder,

like the crumbs of walnut shell,

feeding the rabbit

that aimlessly circled around

freshly trimmed branches. 

He comfortably defeated her ,

and used as a rag ,

to wipe off his needs,

like dirt”Image 

9 thoughts on “DEFEAT

      • thank you too…
        I’ve noticed in several of your paintings, the girls with the bright blue eyes are the ones you paint when you’re hurting….or the poems speak about hurting…. just thought it was interesting, and was wondering who the blue eyed girl is? Your heart possibly? You don’t need to answer that, it just caught my eye…so to speak. 🙂

  1. 🙂 Thank you . My eyes are brown :). I always think that poems about hurting are the most captivating ones ( i get inspired by seeing sad movie or hearing someones love story ,or just noticing strangers and their body language).Somehow blue eyes,to me, are the ones that revel emotions the best … )

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