5 thoughts on “Memory of CT elementary school fallen angels

  1. Your painting is a reflection of what so many of us feel at the loss of those young lives, and the loss of innocence of those children who survived this unspeakable, indescribable tragedy. Best to you.

    • I have lost my words since this tragedy happen,its truly indescribable …Thank you ,i really appreciate your comment. I wish you and all important people in your life very blessed Christmas.

      • I can’t write about it either. There is nothing I can said that is adequate enough to describe the utter devastation so many of us have been feeling since this occurred. We knew we weren’t safe. We knew bad things happened from time to time in the secondary schools but many of us were completely blindsided by the prospect of a monster picking ones so little to target. We knew there were monsters, we just expected them to be better than that, to have retained a shred of their humanity, somehow.

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