Far away waterfalls

Far Away Waterfalls
Ice cold drops of your untouchable beauty,
In a lovely memory of a far away land,
In my heart, unspoken,
The reasons of the smile of my own me.
I miss you more then you could conceal your deep abyss,
More than the gold sun scatters on your cliff.
We are talking about pearls, that spill like magic recalling past.
Every memory in your luxurious water dives,
In the morning drizzle.
In pristine soul suffers same pain.
I’ll close my eyes once again,
And see the grandeur beauty again.
His dear eyes will look at me,
And I’ll run into arms of his,
Free, as a child I use to be.

2 thoughts on “Far away waterfalls

    • Thank you so much. You got that right. With the New Year wishes ,dancing and laughter ,there is always that little something (i better say a great deal something) that pulls me right back to my homeland… and another poem is born. I wish you a very happy New Year.

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