For life

“I dreamed something that even dreams didn’t want to remember .

They contiguously intoxicated my life,

and contaminated what simple me use to be.

I have compared everything to the metaphoric happiness,

fully aware of the energy ,

of the wild animal that i refused to admit

i feared.  

I couldn’t divide unnecessary state of mind,

from those dreams made of troubled conscious.     

You have suffered ,

for so long,

insecurely believing that healing should start

by giving up on trying.

Inexcusably ,

you forgave me .

The simple pleasures ,

no confusions ,or predictions to fail.  

 I am dedicating this to the life,

not to dreams”Image

8 thoughts on “For life

  1. Beautiful words and beautifully placed. Love the portrait too. Thanks for visiting my blog recently. Sorry to be late getting back to you but my mom is in hospital so I’ve been very busy. 😀

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