6 thoughts on “Daughter

  1. I ponder how different my relationship with my father and mother were, yet both incredibly good. my Dad and I were buddies, partners in crime, both as ornery as you get, and always laughing, so close….and my Mom and I are best friends, tell each other everything, and would be heartbroken if either were gone. I guess I was a very lucky daughter!!! I am so very thankful to God for them both. And I love this picture, her eyes are perfect, but next time make one with brown eyes, so I can pretend it’s me….lol

    • I feel the same about my wonderful parents . This is portrait of my daughter (that got a lot from me ,beside her eye color …but that makes me jealous…in a silly mommy way :)).If you wish ,you can send me a picture and i’ll try to paint you 🙂

      • oh no…I don’t want to be painted…lol that would be a disasterpiece…lol

        Haha…ok :)…You have a wonderful weekend lol. I’ll paint imaginary brown eye girls 🙂

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