Forever love

           FOREVER LOVE


Should you ever love again?

Make colors of the night

Brighter than the loving eyes in summer sunlight.

Always, and only, for her.


Take her hand when she feels blue,

And let the scarves inside her soul be gone.

In a forbidden world she’ll never step again.


Should you say words; I LOVE YOU!

You must be sure you recognize

Every meaning that they contain.


Then, place your kingdom crown

On her heart,

And give her the key of the castle

That no other door of temptation cannot open.


Should you ever be loved again?

You shall be loved in a way I loved you

In our past life,

In a different way,

In an honest world.

And never having to tell her goodbye.


Should in your future wisdom overcome

Half-hearted thoughts, and let you learn

 How to live only the delicious feelings of life.

And don’t ever judge the child inside her

While you travel the path of forever love! Image


Life is a song – sing it. Life is a game – play it. Life is a challenge – meet it. Life is a dream – realize it. Life is a sacrifice – offer it. Life is love – enjoy it.

Sai Baba


Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.


The way is not in the sky. The way is in the heart.


It is better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand battles. Then the victory is yours. It cannot be taken from you, not by angels or by demons, heaven or hell.



    Have you kept the clouds in her sky?

Have you responded to the sadness that chased her? Image

Have you cleared a broken bridge on her soul?

Have you close your eyes before the forces of love she sent your way?

Have you heard the sound?

Have you witnessed how she returned with a spark in her heart?

Have you missed out in happiness?

Have you ever seen her other then sad before?

Have you look at her blundering beauty?

Let the wind carry dreams and leaves

Let him wear the wings of uncertainty

Let him plea burden of your burning life

And do not fear,

That is your heart crying the prayers of forgiveness

Of your harsh and false words.

Have you notice, she has forgiven you?

Under eyebrows


How long ago was that kiss

That tonight’s every reason for my happiness to be destroyed.

Hush my heart,

Squeeze that pain and closely monitor the darkness fixating


The green olives, falsely concealed

Love and dream

False awakening

Oh, how long   have   our   arms   entangled and   encounter   the   missing?

So, they wandered undreamed forgetting wishes to all

Under eyebrows

Passage of tears

Shall we again approach this broken promise?

My luck has finally left,

And went   through   the window of memories.

And tonight,

And for its future yesterday,

And for sometimes,

And for eternity!Image

Hallway of memories



I stare at the street that is past the wondering star falling apart.

Before my eyes,

Void of dark shadows,

Nothing familiar as it was seconds ago,

I have lost myself.

As there is no other way, but shades of nothingness.

Is anyone else stomping the time?

In another hallway?

Do they have a key for imaginary door?

I turned on the twisted side

And fall against the wall made of fog,

And wondered

How in the earth did I manage to hurt my elbow on the not existing? 

Colorless wall of nothing?

Am I even real?

Oh, my daredevil l dreams again!

My insanity has awakened my unconscious;

My imaginary evil twin,

Oh my silly real me

Go back!

Why did you even want to steal other people memories?

Other people’s hallways of sadness?

That star did not fall apart…it just appear so you could make a wish.

Make a wish!

Make a happy wish and enter hallway of your own memories. Image

In the morning




With you, I walked through the mornings,

Listening you translating meanings of the each star,

That we stole from above.

We melted into the spring rain drops,

Dreamed beside flowery gardens,

Singing to each flower, fortuned enough to tingle your neck.

My heart is full of breathing,

And I wanted entire world to hear it.

Oh, why that unnecessary importance?

What a waste of precious years!

What a waste of pleasing the wrong side of Universe!

  I woke   up this morning,

And millions of images of my life started into my face.

I counted the things I took for granted living that life, comparing it to unrealistic

And foreign life of UN known.

Why would I want that world to hear my heart?

I want YOU to hear it alone!

You, my best friend.

You, my journey!  


Always (P.Neruda)


I am not jealous
of what came before me. 

Come with a man
on your shoulders,
come with a hundred men in your hair,
come with a thousand men between your breasts and your feet,
come like a river
full of drowned men
which flows down to the wild sea,
to the eternal surf, to Time! 

Bring them all
to where I am waiting for you;
we shall always be alone,
we shall always be you and I
alone on earth,
to start our life! 

Pablo Neruda

There was a time

There was a time,

when i didn’t know my name,

but i knew yours.

There was a time i didn’t paint,

i didn’t write ,

but it was bursting out of me.

There was a time ,

i started at the door,

unable to move,

but it wasn’t locked.

There was a time,

when they drove my heart

upon that roof ,

rasping and advising

to go through the jump.

There was a time,

when silence screamed loudly

in my ear.

When the phone’s  ring were terrifying

explosion of fear.

When everything i knew ,

wondered what i didn’t know.

There was a time ,

when lies spoke ,

and sounded Noble ,

made me admire them.

Then it came a time,

when i remembered me.

Irresistibly in the wind

and snow angels.

Playfulness of a simple fruit taste,

and candle scent .

The power of the snow flakes

decorating my steps.

There was a time!

And here is now!

Search and find!

Were YOU there before?Life Quotes - You Live You Love


I saw red curtains closing,

and all the actors waving final greet.

Another story’s ending,

in loud theater heart beat bittersweet!

I saw a man searching crowd,

and his inner tear unfolded aching.

He overcame the question ,

Now he knew that’s how the heart is breaking “





A colorful shape of a new morning,

In a playful awakening, welcoming me.

I am spinning the coin, hoping it will fall,

And assure me;

Inception is over.  

A charming expression that comes around,

As a permanent fantasy of my world.

You took the center stage in my play,

While my search for explosion of sounds,

Pierced my heart,

Before I even wrote them down.

Beneath my fingers,

Is the feeling of an old envelope,

Decorated with crumbled leaves.

There they are leading me again,

In another decade of memory.


 I attempted to capture the most define words,

But I spoke in colors,

Imagining your skin in different shades.

You are in a presence of my every poem,

As if you were writing them for me.

So, why do you always doubt?

Why do you always create misspoken?


Carry on

Abounded places,

 they called a sin crime scene.

Heaven for many,

a rainy cloud for some.

Heartache ,

of your fairy tails knocking,

and nobody’s in the corner,

inside your world. 

Still smile ,and carry on,

the storm of your broken heart.

And be the artist of your life!  Image




 That mesmerizing, yet an ordinary day,

That took all before and after away?

I have fantasized about a novel line,

The sudden magical place where you appeared,

In a captivating moment of unforgettable heart beats.

Oh, what a forever lasting capture of the look you gave me!

What a realization of the unknowing becoming so familiar,

 Yet strange.

 I said good bye to the innocent sleep; willingly and forever.

I watched my heart float away in fearlessness,

 In that very first blue cloud.

 I couldn’t help not acting ridiculously clumsy,

 My laughter become unreasonably wide to others,

 My glowing face changed as a butterfly’s first landing.

My body humbled just about anything imagining your touch.


So many years past by,

A lifetime for some,

A lifetime for me,

A lifetime figuring out the answer

What did I feel before you?

 I remember,

The exact movement of my soul,

The very first magical whisper,

The vision of the human sculpture of God,

When you took my heart,

My every thought,

My life, my existence,

My love,

My love!!!!ImageImage

For Diana (2012)


Her silly cuddling fragile body,

A diamond sapphire eyes,

Brightening every feel of motherhood in me.

So many days of tender smiles,

I count as a blessing above all I know.

She‘s growing into a young woman

Every day a bit more,

And I find myself recognizing similarities,

And the differences.

There is nothing that compare to her sparkly nature.


My angel, Diana,

You will accomplish all of your dreams that are floating through

Your young, innocent heart.

You are making me proud every given day,

And in a funny way.

You are reminding me, that in the world of seriousness,

There is laughter, and honest truth

Of every meaning in believing.

I write you this, and I know

You will compare my words to the picture you see in the mirror.

I see you combing your hair,

As a countless pearls,

Neatly falling down your back.

I see you choosing the pony tails

And running after your little sister,

Wanting to braid her hair,

And excusing you to do the same,

Because you are “too old” for braids.

I see you making faces toward your brother,

Who’s taking his time to walk out of his peaceful room.

And take you to the school.

My bright, beautiful daughter!

Don’t ever go to sleep,

Before you look up to our Father above,

And ask for another happy day to rise.

Don’t ever let that silliness, and little girl inside you, fade away.

I will be here with my wings every step of the way,

Either you think you need it or not.

Now, my gorgeous sirens,

Run into my arms, and tell me how many times did you make me smile?!Image.