Recommend me to your heart

Recommend me to your heart!

My resume of love,

will connect your forbidden confusion,

to the greatest gallery of art,

hidden inside the promise ,undiscovered yet.

Recommend me to your soul!

I am savior of the world,

that you use to believe in .

To the deliciousness of the kiss ,

To present you to your mind ,

since you forgot to smile.

Recommend me to your spirit!

I can be advocate

of your free choices .

To be your possible impossibility ,

and joyful sparkle between the pillows.

Recommend me to your life!

You hold my resume on your palm.

I have the skill to do the job!

I’ll be your morning magic touch

and your eternal search for love!Image 

16 thoughts on “Recommend me to your heart

  1. Oh, Biljana! “Recommend me to your heart,” “the deliciousness of the kiss,” “I’ll be your morning magic touch.” A beautiful, sensual verse. A yearning poem! One goes from the words, to the painting and then back to the words. Lovely!

  2. Thank you for posting “Recommend me to your Heart” Biljana. I actually read it a couple of times over my afternoon and just smiled everytime I did so.

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