I want to be your…

I want to be your sonnet, 

your muse !

I want to be your shivering sparks ,

your excitement scream !

I want to see you trembling ,

watching   me wearing nothing,

but the warmth of silent WANT ,

barely containing myself .

Your eyes are touching me,

and in my vein blood is grabbing me .

My knees are giving up ,

and i uncontrollably leaning toward ,

designing your visual mind blowing scene,

that you came for.

I want my hypnotized body 

to be suicidal prescription 

of  your uncured addiction.

I want to be your past

and present obsessional passion ,

Your sober intoxication .

I want to be  ripe pear

that you hungrily taking from the bowl.Image  


20 thoughts on “I want to be your…

  1. This is really, really good. Can I encourage you to link one of your poems to Open Link Night at dVerse. I noticed you liking my introduction there (and one of my poems on my personal blog) and I think the folks there would really enjoy reading your poems and seeing your paintings.

      • Anything you choose to link would be great – I just know the dVerse community will love your work 🙂 Open Link Night happens every Tuesday, when you can submit a link to any one of your poems; there are a range of prompts on Thursdays and Saturdays when there is the opportunity to link up your response to them too.

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