So called friend

So ,you reached out ,

You wondered ,

how i am doing ,

wishing i’ll cry?

You wanted me to spit out ,

my misery treasure?

I told you about,

my pride ,

my success,

my healthy heart,

and clear mind .

You got silent,

Your throat dried out,

disappointed by thirst ,

and your wishes!

You went away,

in a search for

other small people ,

and their bitterly days,

to make your misery

hurt a bit less .

So ,now i wonder

my biggest wonder,

how in the world

i thought you were my friend?! Image



7 thoughts on “So called friend

  1. Biljana my friend, I have an exciting idea for you. Over the years, I have performed voice-over material for entertainment and instructional accounts. These jobs have included mostly radio stations, but have included one UHF TV channel in Chicago. This was my real, true life’s work between my security accounts. My biggest job was a radio producer-engineer Westinghouse’s flagship station in Chicago, WIND. I have a complete home studio filled with microphones, mixing board, processing equipment and sound effects library, all licenced. Just goofing around, I recorded some of your scripting, and then read it back. On one piece, labeled “Meeting”, I added ghostly winds, and the buzzing of insects to round out the piece. Even your two recent whimisical pieces can have licenced music to make them sound like a hoot! Oh I know this could work Biljana. For a low investment, sound files could be produced to add to your next E-book. Or, a CD could be produced and read along with the hard copy book. This is so doable, and I just can’t wait to produce a full demo, with your permission of course. Poetry and prose…….unleashed, and it is you who have unleashed my mind, my wonderful Biljana. Thank you!

    • That sound pretty good to me. I have a childhood friend, music producer, that took some of my poems few months ago . She said that she have few potential girls (or duets) in mind ,for her next project in Danmark. You can turn your idea into a great project. Go forth,you have my permission to use poems you like .

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