Its wonderland in our small world,

sweet soul food of my dream.

Its purpose of love to swim with you,

in a mystical river from within.

Its better to choose from your heart,

first  instinct take and leave.

Give this chance to your life,

to learn how to forgive.

Its easier that you move forward,

and  nonsense you did to regret.

To look up at the sunset with the truth,

and lies and deceives just forget.Image

102 thoughts on “Within

  1. Funny thing, isn’t it! Things happen for a reason, and timing being what it is, I did happen to have a discussion coming up about some planned things, now which are also including some points you brought out in the “Within” piece……. coming up on Friday morning. The points in the piece are very well spoken, and very well taken Biljana. Thank you.

  2. Sonnet – Your Future

    Delightedly recall those days of old.
    With sights and sounds so clear, yes, we were there!
    Our time that passed through life, as we behold,
    became our own sweet gift for which we care.

    So passionate we feel, back in the past,
    our minds do magnify smiles we have known.
    To resurrect a tale of life, when asked,
    would bring wry grins, a chuckle or a groan.

    Some are enamored with the days gone by,
    live a unharmonious existance,
    and wonder why their lives have gone astray,
    subsisting futile, chronic reluctance.

    Our past cannot be changed, without a doubt.
    Your future is the real power and clout!

      • We do empower this concept of time,
        It’s archive of days stacked so neatly.
        Staying ahead of it, an arduous climb,
        For certain to engulf me completely.

        The events of time, rearranging my life,
        Perpetually chock full of suprise.
        My mind, overladen with internal strife,
        And new tensions I’m likely to devise.

        For folks like me, it’s not so easy to see,
        When you’re out of time and running the race.
        Please be certain to take heart my plea,
        It’s not the early or late, but the present, our saving grace.

        In the realness of living in the here and now,
        Every part of our moments are timeless.
        Please think of this, hoping you’ll know somehow,
        A new mindfulness, and so loving kindness.

      • Thank you so much. I’ve been reading your work too, along with the positive attention it’s been getting. You are on such a wonderful streak. Continued success now Biljana!

      • I’m really happy for you too, as surely your numbers will surely climb now. You put on the things here that really mean something, and you are regular in your postings as well. You have a base that is surely loyal.

        You mentioned you would be interested to read some things, so I have a piece attached here. The rememberances are mine of a special person when I was a kid. I remember the events as they happened like they were yesterday. It was a fun little project to pass the time during my lunch hour. I have to clean it up, but as always, your input is appreciated.

        She is Remembered
        W.F. Marquis

        Hey, wait up!
        Your books, I’ll carry those,
        He proposed.

        Thank you.
        She agreed

        On a warm and sunny South Florida day,
        A pair of 6th graders were walking home.
        Miscalculating how heavy school books can weigh,
        He pushed right on, lest his kind offer be blown.
        And men walk curbside, no ladies near the street.
        . . . He learned to be a true gentleman toward his girl.

        The school was excited by the track and field meet.
        He was dying to impress her with manly ambition,
        So he picked out the fastest runner to beat.
        No! cried the team, you’re no competition!
        And so he was the loser, so far dead last.
        She knelt down beside him, still sprawled in the grass.
        . . . He learned to accept true compassion from his girl.

        Classes were out, it was assembly day,
        The school was honoring it’s brighest and best.
        And there she was, seated front on display,
        An official certificate, she had passed the test,
        As a girl for our grade she was picked the smartest.
        He smiled as he’d known she’d go the farthest.
        . . . He realized how so, so proud he could be of his girl.

        No balls or bats when Thursday rolled around,
        Their coach would teach them the mysteries of dance.
        All the girls in nice dresses would abound.
        And he – he already anticipated his chance.
        Dancing with the prettiest one in the school,
        He’d have to say yes, the guys sure did drool!
        . . . He felt the first desires of manhood, as he admired his girl.

        I remember her
        Smile, first dainty, then growing to light up her
        Eyes, so warm, sparkling and playful too, all to accenuate her
        Face, incredibly sensitive and kind, above which was her
        Hair, dark and full, shoulder length with colorful berets, and
        Body, lithe with the long legs of a cheerleader.

        Their neighborhood sports teams were ramping up,
        Lawns of dirt that should have been grass.
        She would cheer so proudly with her face just beaming
        When he caused a fumble or caught a big pass.
        One team had despised her cheers indeed,
        The team that had blown the biggest lead.
        . . . He knew there could be trouble, when they were jealous of his girl.

        A bully had opened his mouth of evil,
        Again and again, words so hard and severe.
        Now finally began a massive upheaval
        There! His first tackle, free and clear.
        A huge rumble ensued, and someone put him in orbit.
        His poor body now only a broken exhibit.
        . . . He though had found true honor, in defending his girl.

        Next day off to the lake, hands locked sincerely,
        Closer than ever before, and then

        Her kind look. . .
        Her sorrow for what had happened. . .
        Her kiss of tenderness and healing.
        He held her so close, returning it in kind.

        He had learned a lot from his girl, as now he was sure,
        Bill smiled and knew that he was falling, for Andrea.

    • Hi Bill. Yes , it makes me very happy that i can say i have pretty regular bloggers following. I discover..they discover ..and its getting great.
      You got to let people discover you!!!! You got to start posting! Trust me , your writing is awesome ! 🙂

      • Thank you very much Biljana. I’ve just been enjoying the fact that I found you again here. Like the Facebook days, you’re still so wonderfully positive, and your romance pieces you added are sure beautiful reads. Not sure how all of it works, really. Would I have to abandon this page where I am comfy, and really so happy again? Bye for now.

      • Hi Biljana. Moving ahead on the project…I bought a voice recorder to help me be a better writer when important thoughts come to mind. I’m looking at WordPress for my content as well, a new mouse and some extra memory sticks for backup storage. Still working on one project in the pipeline. The bookstore says your book will be in early next week. How is the translator program working out for you? Thanks for giving me that little extra push to get me started too. You take care!

    • You need that little extra push ,because you are good writer and i know not many people are paying attention to comments , so its not very likely a lot can see your talent …but they should. Glad that you are taking steps…it’s fulfilling and happy feeling to be inspired. Looking forward to read it . I always have pen (if i don’t that’s bad, cos words kind of get lost)..great idea to record it. I am sure you will have plenty of followers once you are discovered 🙂

      • Coming:
        A soon to be famous writer learns some important life lessons from a handsome and loving mentor

        Captain’s Orders
        W. F. Marquis

      • Captain’s Orders
        W.F. Marquis

        On an absolutely picturesque night,
        By the shoreline of the great Atlantic,
        Festive sounds, and lights were beaming bright,
        A joyful homecoming, the crowd gigantic.

        The Captain and Miami’s hometown girl,
        Author and poet Sandy, now made their return.
        Her publisher had said hey, give this a whirl,
        A grand tour by boat, and write about what you learn.

        So, laden heavy by fact and fiction,
        And people and places, it would appear,
        This assignment might be pure addiction,
        The pinnacle of her career.

        Though in her early days she seemed to meander,
        Like puffy clouds in the Florida sky,
        Perched on a boat that was halfway under,
        Well, a beach turtle gets there by and by.

        Now it’s a handsome young captain would sail his ship
        To deliver goods to people offshore.
        Sandy was a part-time deckhand round trip
        Writing paid money but she needed more.

        One day after sailing and packing up gear,
        Sandy talked about her plight to her employer.
        A good man and sure to lend her an ear.
        They met at the marina, right inside the foyer.

        Up to the table the Captain listened intently.
        Since High School she was best of his crew,
        He would struggle to break this gently,
        He then drank a long swig from his brew.

        Sandy, for years now I’ve been giving you your orders,
        Some of them harsh, when they were due.
        And boy we’ve seen ourselves some turbulent waters,
        I’m sorry that some of these may be for you.

        I’ve seen your beautiful writings on the boat.
        Those however, are not your issue.
        Get rid your doubts, or you won’t stay afloat,
        Right to the bottom, only crabs and critters to hear you.

        Make yourself a wish and believe it is possible.
        You have worries? Throw them overboard!
        Just like we’re on watch, we navigate any obstacle,
        Straight and true, right down the centerboard.

        And if you find your comparing to others,
        Toss those scraps for the gulls to carry away.
        That problem will soon become another’s,
        It will never again dare to lead you astray.

        You know often too we are tired and beat,
        We don’t just drop anchor and catch some sleep,
        We carry on and push forward, we never retreat.
        You must continue too, even through waves so steep.

        Just as I am the keeper of the compass and map
        Do track your successes and your next destination.
        And if someone sideswipes or sets you a trap,
        The Everglades gators ensure complete mutilation!

        Sighing he said, C’mon Sandy, Friday night fish fry,
        You do watch your figure as I see on my boat,
        But I’ll end with great coffee and key lime pie.
        Sandy – dinner tonight? A little lump in his throat.

        On an absolutely picturesque night,
        Sailing on the waters of the great Atlantic,
        Festive sounds, lights beaming bright.
        A joyful union, the crowd, not so gigantic.

        Sandy and her captain would make this their place,
        On the boat while she wrote and relaxed in the sun.
        He built a beautiful stateroom and this was her place.
        She became a great writer, never to be undone!


        I’ve been trying to customize my blog page.
        It’s still a disaster, but please stay tuned!

        Bye for now Biljana!

  3. This is really really good….I am looking forward to see your blog when you are done…there are so many options for design…maybe something that remind you of Florida would fir great….I’ll stay tuned 🙂

    • Thank you Biljana, I’m glad you enjoyed it… I’ll send a another piece in the coming days…and your Florida location sounds like a winner to me…You and your gang take care!

      • See, i knew i knew and knew you Florida might be winner :). Me and my gangs shoveled and shoveled …never ending snow …I’ll keep on eye your next peace !!!

      • Wordsmithing
        William F. Marquis

        In high school I was an ambitionist,
        Blessed to excel in my career.
        Teachers knew my passion to be a journalist,
        Life’s stories to tell you from many a year.

        It is you that I wish could have been with me,
        Such a pleasure to meet wonderful folks,
        And to form a bond to such a degree,
        To share their dreams, ambitions and hopes.

        In places we never knew existed,
        Some people never held any hope,
        Times I wrote, spoke, assisted,
        In the telling of their plight, helping them cope.

        Fast Forward:

        Now I share, together with you my poetry,
        Our gift of language the same,
        Aiming to create that very chemistry,
        Knowing the mission, and giving it a name.

        I want to explore the unexplored,
        Each piece of work, a teacher.
        Words and phrases to strike that chord,
        Author and reader. . . forever richer.



        Oh Biljana, what a great look to your blog!
        Have a good night.

      • Biljana, I made a mistake and left out a whole stanza when I was cutting and pasting. I’ll send the poem again, because without it, it sounds like something much else. Also, when I used “you” in the piece, I was talking to “you ANY reader” – problem was, you’re my only reader, which sounded carass I understand, but really really not intended. (Using “you is an old radio trick to emphasize the 1 on 1.) The “Chemistry” reference was the same old chemistry of writing for media mentioned in the upper stanza, and using it in poetry today. It’s the chemistry produced when you use the right word, which was in the stanza I missed. I’m so sorry about this!

        William F. Marquis

        In high school I was an ambitionist,
        Blessed to excel in my career,
        Teachers knew my passion to be a journalist,
        Life’s stories to tell you from many a year.

        It is you that I wish could have been with me,
        Such a pleasure to meet wonderful folks,
        And to form a bond to such a degree,
        To share their dreams, ambitions and hopes.

        In places we never knew existed,
        Some people never held any hope,
        I remember times I wrote, spoke, assisted,
        In the telling of their plight, helping them cope.

        We used words that were descriptive and telling,
        So our viewers and listeners could relate,
        Crafting each sentence to be compelling,
        In the importance of each story we create.

        Fast Forward:

        Now I share, together with you my poetry,
        Our gift of language to be the same,
        Aiming to create that very same chemistry,
        Knowing the mission, and giving it a name.

        I want to explore the unexplored,
        Each piece of work, a teacher.
        Words and phrases to strike a chord,
        Author and reader. . . forever richer.

      • OOO….don’t you worry…its a poem , its a writing …”YOU” word is a word you needed in a poem…Honestly, didn’t cross my mind to think “omg what?”…So ,don’t you worry, get lost in a words and don’t think nothing beside that …no reason to apologize 🙂 ….So when you get a lot more audience beside me you won’t have time to worry if they all maybe misunderstand what your poem said hahahahah…Do not worry…keep writing!

  4. In fact Biljana, I thought that “Wordsmithing” might be a good anchor page for my site….something I once did as my business, and now later in life, as a new found labor of love. What do you think?

    Coming: A couple grow together as they learn new avenues of life.

    • You got me in a perfect time, just answered you. I don’t know how that page look like, but the way you are explaining it sound as something that that really could fit to present you well…TRY!!!! You see i am still playing with a design….i’ll keep this one for a while till i see something else….i just know it must be the page i will say “got to have this one”…Very excited to see your page.

  5. Thank you. Oh no, I still like your Florida idea for the page look.. Wordsmithing see, is the main poem that anchors the site with a theme, verbally. Hey, I am calling the Florida department of tourism to see if I can use beautiful Florida photos with permission. Talk about fired up Biljana!

    • They should pay your fees for advertising…i’m sure they will be grateful for asking and within seconds they’ll send you entire brochure of Florida :)…Can you combine Wordsmithing with that …so you kind of have it all?…Like two separate sections on one site, then you can separate your post where they fit better…. and have views on both !!! i can imagine how CERTAIN people will enjoy Florida and your words…make sure they are aware of your work …hope you still very much in a contact 🙂

      • Yeeees…they were both eager indeed. Yes, I read about multi column layouts, but not sure if this format supports it yet. I picked one marked Ocean Mist and Set up my catagories, the about section, and three posts. billmarquis.wordpress.com. Please check it out Biljana!

  6. Ok thanks Biljana… this is only day one, so I didn’t stuff it with a lot of content, so it won’t always look this thin.. Also too, The beach looks like the drug country of Columbia haha so that will go. There are many things I have to do to tune it up…but today is just a start. Your opinions would be appreciated. Bye for now!

  7. If you look real closely you can see,
    Splashing people near their boat,
    A secluded inlet on Lake Okeechobee.
    Woman’s laughter, as she tries to float.

    Clouds have parted, and coming into view,
    Their bodies swim and bob in the sea.
    The woman is trying something new,
    Now you can see she’s trying to ski.

    Out of the water Bill take the wheel,
    Shouts, remember your three point stance,
    Well beyond laughter, Alice squeals,
    I will, I promise, just give me my chance!

    Throttle….. easy.
    1 …2…3 point stance
    Splash and glub. Cough, Cough!
    Uncontrollable laughter.

    Early evening they sat by the fire,
    She asked him simply how it could be,
    How have you been able to inspire,
    For me, just simply to be me.

    Doing things without pretence,
    Little things that keep it real,
    Seems to me to make common sense,
    Nothing left now to conceal.

    He nodded at her thoughtfully,
    He smiled at her, you’ve been the star,
    You might be thinking wrongfully,
    It’s very truly the way you are.

    And that’s how two people come together,
    Each one plays now plays off another,
    Isn’t that better? Two birds of a feather,
    Being together, us, one…with each other.

  8. Try to ignore grammar mistakes in a book …i realized right first sentence on the back (my summary ) it said “nothing BY love” , instead “nothing BUT love”)…about my childhood…totally changed meaning he he…anyway ,hope you like my poems .AND REALLY REALLY BIG THANK YOU FOR GETTING IT …I know they kind of made “price” ,but for the future i’ll know better how to deal with my own books :).

  9. I will, please don’t worry about that. Actually, I marvel at you both handling the elements of poetry and prose, and also doing it in another language. There is a lot to be said for that…You’re very welcome Biljana.
    Early stats for first 4 days of my blog…21 Likes…4 follows. “Captain’s Orders” leads the list of likes with 5.
    Two new poems at the ready…”Picking Ourselves Up” which is about a relative of mine who was on the streets with drug addiction, and he goes into treatment. The other is “Happy In Our Skin”, about my reunion visit and the resulting perspective (upbeat) on getting older.
    It would mean a lot to me Biljana if you would like to read these and my upcoming ideas and toss me a couple of likes and comments my way to my blog. In addition, important to me is your opinion on my blog layout (good or bad) would be very much appreciated. I crazy scan my computer for viruses, if that is your concern, (or perhaps something else I can help with?) As a friend and a devoted fan of your site, having you in turn as a follower of mine would be an honor. I have sent the follow invatation to your blog. Let me know.
    That’s it for now, thanks Biljana!

    • O wow, i must be blind or i i honestly keep missing out on your blog …(many times i give up searching ,cos posts keep going back to the top …so if i didn’t get chance to check blogs few hour i realize much much later that i actually missed great posts )Don’t see invitation.I absolutely will fallow you…send that again . Pretty soon you will lose count of number of followers .GOOD LUCK!!!! 🙂

      • Thank you for the kind note Biljana, and your follow.
        Since you focus on eyes, I used that theme in a poem I posted. I’ll explain below.


        Today would be lights, camera, action!
        The stars are coming, so make way!
        The movie would only be a fraction,
        Of lessons I learned this day.

        Movie extras were Leta and I,
        Our scene with a big movie star,
        My clammy handshake, mouth bone dry,
        A veteran Leta calmer by far.

        In our scene clumsy missed his mark,
        With chrigin I could not hide,
        The director with his snide remark,
        And emotion in Leta’s eyes.

        Which told me that, oh you can do this,
        So much lighting and heat and tension,
        Then I swore that they threw me a kiss!
        And oh, grumpy there, don’t pay no attention.

        The Eyes of a woman that make my heart soar,
        After I wear off my inherent shyness,
        Match the personality that Leta wore,
        Eyes of simple, pure, loving kindness

        We were cast as reporters with microphones, chasing the star up the courthouse stairs. She actually danced and sang too! You’d think she would have the sexy eyes of a star, but she looked softer. Remember like yesterday. Short romance, she went to Los Angeles six weeks later. Thought you’d get a kick out of my poem about eyes, with due credit of course, to you Biljana!

      • This is really good Bill :). I started following you over the comment (clicked there),but haven’t seen your actual blog yet …shame on me , … when i get up its over 300 posts and i guess i keep missing it. I’ll fight with computer and really try to find it.Excited to see!

      • Thank you very much Biljana for the Like. The small bar was in Chicago, where people from WBBM CBS Ch 2 used to drink. As a young broadcaster, you can see, I spent some time there for sure, The couple was no one in particular, but one thing about this writing…at least I could pretend that the gentleman was me! Meant to tell you that all your pieces yesterday had fantastic mataphor…you do so well… an art that comes slowly to me, and I am learning from you. Thank you again 🙂

      • That’s what i like about writing …you write about something and as soon as someone “see you “as a main character in what you was saying (or we pretend its us )… you know its a good writing and people are connecting with words in many levels . I noticed when i write something real sad ,people are just drawn to it .
        Really looking forward to read your posts and see how wonderful you doing.

      • …and you came back with winners both! I think you’ll end up having that awsome week…Thanks for complimenting my site. I think all the upkeep you did on yours was remarkable and looks very good, My post today will be a little later because Im just leaving for the bookstore now, wow, this is great!

      • I enjoy when people are taking time to give me an aword…it just really make my day brighter!!!
        Uh, have fun at the book store…just was there with Diana last sunday…nothing more relaxing as sitting there with the book and coffee :). Hope i don’t miss any of your posts…for some reason (not only yours) it doesn’t show on my email when you post ,so if is while after or before i’m on computer its easy to miss…but then i take extra time when i can to catch up on all 🙂

      • Thanks very much Biljana, would enjoy and learn from your visits to the site. It’s good to know you’re out there…two posts well done, including the pictures with striking tie-in…Well, I went to the bookstore and bought a book. Yours! I am enjoying your powerful words and lovely pictures plus a bonus in your bio. Your dedication is evident but didn’t know you had been at writing so long. As I do for online texts, I’ll put your mother-language stuff into the translator. I feel like a secret agent decoding the hidden message!…Can’t express enough congratulations to you. When they brought the book out and I saw your name on it, I said, wow!

      • I feel so important, my friend…Thank you so much for getting it and liking it :)… Yeah, i know , its a lifetime of writing ,no kidding …all those on my language were written pretty long ago…never thought i’ll get time to translate or even dare to try writing on English…. You should off hear my sister when she got the book…she is been showing it off as it was written by Tagore he he. Got inspired and looking forward to read your posts 🙂

      • Thank you for your 3 likes on my page!… I see now you were talking about the passion in tragedy. That’s what I did Biljana. 1st stanza was almost prissy happy, then I aimed stanza 2 off the edge except for the cliffhanger question. I get it … I heard south winds and youth love in your latest piece and what might happen before the dawn. I made sure to put a like on it. Sorry no posts, exhausted from overtime or I’d be writing! Talk later, thanks.

      • Hello! 2 things for you. I smiled at “Violinist” piece with words and your trademark eye contact. Picture was stark melting into the black background, really cool. Second, is on the post dedicated to your Mother. I do so hope she has a way to see your work online or other access. I know she is very proud of her daughter, a wonderful poet and artist. Talk later.

      • Hi Bill. Yes , that poem for my mom is on my sister fb …so she saw it right after our phone talk …of course i gave her teary voice :)…Hope i haven’t miss out much on blog…was very preoccupied entire week…didn’t check anything yet.:)

      • Thanks for stopping by the site and liking the post Biljana. That was another scene I adapted from work I ghost-wrote for another author some years ago. Your posts are great today and I understand that writing isn’t always happy.

      • Hello Biljana. I’ve just experienced your chalkboard theme! You really do mix it up, so novel a choice. Number one on my list was your “Tired Rain” post. Tragedy spelled out. Sorrow approaching the wall of treasured memories. You build that wall then expand on it with the little nagging things that change ones environment and are triggers for sadness. I really felt that poem Biljana, more powerfully any I think you’ve written. It’s so hard sometimes to read the tragedies, but great job to you. Will post and talk soon. Take Care!

        Hey BILL:)
        jUST to figure out few things ,kind of confused where is what ,i just change it …i like it so far.Spend day outside (finally)playing wolleyball with girls and finished last painting on the porch…just love that..such a beautiful day!
        I like that poem too…That one was first written on my language , it was a bit challenge to translate …please do tell if you see grammar mistake :). Going to check new posts and hit the pillow .

      • Yeah Biljana, the slate color seems easier on my eyes than solid black contrast…Well glad you girls got a fun mix of both your physical and mental hobbies outside, before the monsoon came!…Oh, so much beach volleyball (and sunburn) on those Miami Beach shores of old…Your porch painting maybe puts you closer to nature for your new landscapes…On your grammar request, I would definitely move the comma in Line 8 and 9 so it reads “For the first time, I see it means…” Insert in Line 9 so it reads, “…to believe in a promise…” In Line 11 insert comma and change word “Your eyes tears, dried out from unforgettable…” Close up the spaces in Line 12. For effect in Line 13 I would have it read, “Rain. Rain. Tired rain.” with the periods. I’m not sure about 15 and 16. Perhaps they should read, “As you make those puzzles fade, and combine the entire earth//Into an innocent angel of a crystal.” See what you think and let me know. Bye for now Biljana!

      • Hi Biljana, thanks for stopping by my site and liking “My Quiet Space.”
        Today, I tackled the paradoxical question of “Shared Solitude?”
        Hope you like it!

      • Hi Biljana. Thank you for stopping by my site and liking My Quite Space.
        Today I tackled the question of “Shared Solitude?”
        Hope you like it!

      • Sorry so few postings Biljana as I have been working long hours and super crazy schedule for awhile. I hope that ends this week. If not sleeping, other times so tired that sometimes the words just don’t come. Don’t give up on me now! You and yours take care.

  10. if you look hard enough into her eyes, you can see the stars of your words. beautiful poem, beautiful painting. great job~! Thanks for stopping by

  11. Better still to become the wiser to become the guardian of your soul. To know no one is perfect. No one can make you whole. Learn, sweet dove, each lesson be thankful for the class for if you fail the hard tests the lessons will come back.

  12. “Its purpose of love to swim with you,

    in a mystical river from within.

    Its better to choose from your heart,

    first instinct take and leave.”

    Absolutely true lines. It’s in the heart that the journey and answers lie. Beautiful poem and reminder! Thanks for sharing, Biljana : )

  13. Thanks Bill. Today (after not having any time for a few days) i am buried in emails …. almost thousand ,including many posts …will take me all day unless my computer crash hehehe…First i post few of my new ones ,so now i’ll take time and read ….:)

    • Hi Bill…that’s what happen when time at work roll you over he he…i might have much less time soon too…can’t say much,cos i don’t know yet,but going for interview in a few hours…Will check postings later….so many,i’ll never catch up on others :).Have a wonderful day 🙂

      • Hi Biljana 🙂 Good luck on your new job! Is it the same one associated with the interview mentioned above ?… I was wondering that, if you had the chance, would you be interested in showing your work? Or, perhaps you have already in the past. Something rang a bell in my head the other day and I thought I would dive in and ask. They do look so good!…And THANKS for keeping up on my page and all your likes. I will deepen the subject matter in subsequent postings….Will talk soon! 🙂

      • Hi Bill. Its actually completely something else from what i mention the other day…that interview went well, but while i waited for them to respond ,another opportunity came along, thought better (closer, pay,benefits…) ,so i took that and starting wend. That will take away my blogging time,but i know i’ll catch up as much as i can. I wont be taking my books there till i get familiar with people .I know for sure i want to keep distance for a while to see who’s “poisoned” and who suite me …big places and a lot of people are not always good news ,i want my peace and quiet …i’ll spend time writing or reading …hope i get inspired 🙂 . Will let you know how i like it soon. Sorry if i miss out on some of your posts …when i get time i’ll get to it ,i wont forget my friend.

      • You’ll do just fine, and I understand, take care of business first. Look forward to your account of it. Sorry about having to break away from the creative side, but I spoke with the Woodstock Opera house about the showing of artwork. I worked with the staff there for a year and a half doing my morning show and W.O.H events on WMCW. I had a good conversation with them today. They are still sponsoring artwork showings. I remember them. Your painting jogged my memory. Your great! And they seemed interested. Would you consider entering one of your paintings, or paint one perhaps with their event in mind? I was excited about it, so I had write again to make sure you knew what I was referring to in the previous message. Thanks! 🙂

      • Hi Bill!!!
        OOO sure i’m interested in that , oh, my God, how could i not be…if i understood you correctly,you have mention my paintings to them?…So what is my part to do…meaning how do i show them, via their web or to bring them there ?…What is your suggestion for me to paint to get their interest ?….So let me know about it and i’ll gladly do it.Thank you so much for thinking of me talking with those people. Sound fantastic 🙂

      • Hi Biljana…Yes, I did take the liberty of mentioning your paintings. Key to that was your canvas of the Opera House itself…The showings will take place in their public room, outfitted in a traditional gallery setting…Your question as to what to paint to catch their attention, I say this. You may already have that special painting in your collection that is closest to your heart, and you need not prepare one for the audition. Or, perhaps you want to prepare something super special that would take extended time. When it comes down to it Biljana, maybe you can consider letting your past history in the art speak for itself. In my radio business, I found that the “super CD” I tailor made for a particular interview was overkill. Ultimately, you should go right out and ask the lady at the Opera House as to the tone of your canvas, and weigh your options based upon her input. You will find wonderful, beautiful people in that building to guide you. I hope this answers your questions above. I will follow up with you on your contact information there, as well as one additional suggestion I had, that I am fired up about, and that I hope you can do….As of this writing, you are starting your new job, for which I know that all is going very well.

      • Lori Steinkamp at 815 338 4212 is her direct number rather than using the Box Office. She is helpful and chatty and ask her for a tour if you have not been there, for great inspiration. Every time I am in the building I feel it….I looked again at your collection page and do you have a lot to choose from your heart for the exhibit. As I continue to ponder your question, I think you may have this one sewn up from existing stuff ,wow Biljana! My other suggestion was participation in the Opera House “Poetry Slam.” They have them periodically in the Stage Left Café next door. Loren Ingram, the deceased poet I posted on my site, and I have done some dramatic readings in other places and I love them. It would be cool to do one there. I wanted to ask you if you had a title that I may perhaps read from your collection, in one of the these gatherings? You might enjoy reading in the Slam too! So good luck and immerse yourself in the culture and the inspiration. Take a canvas or two down there personally, and direct them to your awsome site. Lori said that John Scharres, the director judges the entries. Please let me know how it goes. We’re rooting for you! …Finally, how did the job go? Bye for now.

    • You’re so very welcome Melissa…i love your blog, that’s why i always check what you have to say…one of those that i recognize (and you know that’s not very simple ) 🙂

  14. Hi Bill…i completely forgot feeling of being tired ….just came back from my first day at work and all i want is to sleep. Be off on friday ,so i’ll see if i’m able to function that day . Thank you so much for the phone nmb of the lady in opera house…will let you know how things go with that 🙂 …

      • I feel great after hours and hours of sleep…very ready for next two off days …and try to catch up on reader …so much i missed out ,probably would never catch up on many :)…I will enjoy mommy day for sure …already saw some hidden little bags(not open yet )made in school he he. Hoping for a sunny and silly day.Thank you Bill:)

    • Me too Bill…time gets in my way lately…did some paintings ,but words are hmmm…not there somehow at the moment …but working on one poem :)…Sorry if i am missing out on posts..will take day on my off time to catch up on it 🙂

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