Life is…

Its unknown,

its in your soul .

God’s given time of choosing yourself.

Its invisible,

and like Β rain mist,

washing out just a dirt of forgotten.

Its like a song,

some with the high notes,

some very low.

Its like a beauty,

your silent angel

created in a rainbow.

Its like a mountain,

with all hills and depths ,

catching right moment

to breath into you air.

Its like a second,

on intersection ,

to make a decision :

Daredevil steps,

or fear to move..

because in that second

you enlarge your days…

or you in limbo.

Its like a wind,

some danger brings you,

some gently pleasing your face.

Its like a kindness,

that mold you like a sculpture,

Its like a poet,

stuck between words ,

between the feeling of sadness or joy.

25 thoughts on “Life is…

    • Thank you so much… i was stuck in a way of writing this…i had great idea earlier(when i paint that usually happen)_,but then meanings disappeared..always have your pen on you …made few changes min ago πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

      • Great advice! I often think of something and then realize I do not have a pen. Those paintings on your blog are really good!

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