For Diana (2012)


Her silly cuddling fragile body,

A diamond sapphire eyes,

Brightening every feel of motherhood in me.

So many days of tender smiles,

I count as a blessing above all I know.

Sheβ€˜s growing into a young woman

Every day a bit more,

And I find myself recognizing similarities,

And the differences.

There is nothing that compare to her sparkly nature.


My angel, Diana,

You will accomplish all of your dreams that are floating through

Your young, innocent heart.

You are making me proud every given day,

And in a funny way.

You are reminding me, that in the world of seriousness,

There is laughter, and honest truth

Of every meaning in believing.

I write you this, and I know

You will compare my words to the picture you see in the mirror.

I see you combing your hair,

As a countless pearls,

Neatly falling down your back.

I see you choosing the pony tails

And running after your little sister,

Wanting to braid her hair,

And excusing you to do the same,

Because you are β€œtoo old” for braids.

I see you making faces toward your brother,

Who’s taking his time to walk out of his peaceful room.

And take you to the school.

My bright, beautiful daughter!

Don’t ever go to sleep,

Before you look up to our Father above,

And ask for another happy day to rise.

Don’t ever let that silliness, and little girl inside you, fade away.

I will be here with my wings every step of the way,

Either you think you need it or not.

Now, my gorgeous sirens,

Run into my arms, and tell me how many times did you make me smile?!Image.

14 thoughts on “For Diana (2012)

  1. “I will be here with my wings every step of the way,”

    What a heart felt poem to your daughter! One day I hope you will share this poem with her so she can know how much you love her, though I’m sure she already knows. Love this line because this is what mothers are, their wings shielding, comforting, bringing about things that are of sky to their children. Precious : )

    • Thank you so very much. I wrote this while watching her fixing her hair … then she checked grammar of this poem (i just love to misspell ).This poem is included in my book ,so one day ,i hope ,she’ll re read it to her amazing daughter…and understand fully πŸ™‚

      • I hope so, too! It’s very beautiful. And I think it is sweet that you and your daughter share in the process of your writing : )

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