A colorful shape of a new morning,

In a playful awakening, welcoming me.

I am spinning the coin, hoping it will fall,

And assure me;

Inception is over.  

A charming expression that comes around,

As a permanent fantasy of my world.

You took the center stage in my play,

While my search for explosion of sounds,

Pierced my heart,

Before I even wrote them down.

Beneath my fingers,

Is the feeling of an old envelope,

Decorated with crumbled leaves.

There they are leading me again,

In another decade of memory.


 I attempted to capture the most define words,

But I spoke in colors,

Imagining your skin in different shades.

You are in a presence of my every poem,

As if you were writing them for me.

So, why do you always doubt?

Why do you always create misspoken?


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