There was a time

There was a time,

when i didn’t know my name,

but i knew yours.

There was a time i didn’t paint,

i didn’t write ,

but it was bursting out of me.

There was a time ,

i started at the door,

unable to move,

but it wasn’t locked.

There was a time,

when they drove my heart

upon that roof ,

rasping and advising

to go through the jump.

There was a time,

when silence screamed loudly

in my ear.

When the phone’s Β ring wereΒ terrifying

explosion of fear.

When everything i knew ,

wondered what i didn’t know.

There was a time ,

when lies spoke ,

and sounded Noble ,

made me admire them.

Then it came a time,

when i remembered me.

Irresistibly in the wind

and snow angels.

Playfulness of a simple fruit taste,

and candle scent .

The power of the snow flakes

decorating my steps.

There was a time!

And here is now!

Search and find!

Were YOU there before?Life Quotes - You Live You Love

32 thoughts on “There was a time

  1. there was a time…when I didn’t know who I was either, great one Biljana! πŸ™‚ check your email …I added a few ‘lines’..hehe

    • Thank you…by the way ,your blog is one of few i always wonder why like button don’t work…it doesn’t even show when i read it…Here is a chance to say it I LIKE I LIKE πŸ™‚

  2. I’m not any good at poetry as my siongs came inspirationally with the music believe it or not BUT lots of your lines I can connect with so thak-you. Thanks for the support too as one special line of your poem saying ‘I never knew your name’ meant just that to me as regards Jim Morrison whose voice I recognised only. I’m sure he would like of these words…I can connect with lots of them…Will get in more often to read these in detail…Night all..or G’Day wherever you are!

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