Have you kept the clouds in her sky?

Have you responded to the sadness that chased her? Image

Have you cleared a broken bridge on her soul?

Have you close your eyes before the forces of love she sent your way?

Have you heard the sound?

Have you witnessed how she returned with a spark in her heart?

Have you missed out in happiness?

Have you ever seen her other then sad before?

Have you look at her blundering beauty?

Let the wind carry dreams and leaves

Let him wear the wings of uncertainty

Let him plea burden of your burning life

And do not fear,

That is your heart crying the prayers of forgiveness

Of your harsh and false words.

Have you notice, she has forgiven you?

10 thoughts on “Forgiven

    • Ha ha ha … i’ll do snow angel instead…if i paint snow dinosaur i believe it would look like some cartoon disproportion mouse …i am extremely bad with that ,but hey, now when we on the subject i will try (then send you by email haha)…Now go back to “under eyelashes ” and see if i fix it right way :)…Now when we got (AGAIN) mountains of new snow i can spend day making some weird snow creature 🙂

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