Hallway of memories



I stare at the street that is past the wondering star falling apart.

Before my eyes,

Void of dark shadows,

Nothing familiar as it was seconds ago,

I have lost myself.

As there is no other way, but shades of nothingness.

Is anyone else stomping the time?

In another hallway?

Do they have a key for imaginary door?

I turned on the twisted side

And fall against the wall made of fog,

And wondered

How in the earth did I manage to hurt my elbow on the not existing?Β 

Colorless wall of nothing?

Am I even real?

Oh, my daredevil l dreams again!

My insanity has awakened my unconscious;

My imaginary evil twin,

Oh my silly real me

Go back!

Why did you even want to steal other people memories?

Other people’s hallways of sadness?

That star did not fall apart…it just appear so you could make a wish.

Make a wish!

Make a happy wish and enter hallway of your own memories.Β Image

18 thoughts on “Hallway of memories

  1. Praying self-awareness for all of us . Our hurt is from fog-formed walls. These walls are so real but cannot be grasped. Yet they hurt. This is why in my own rationale and reason I have chosen Jesus who makes all things good. God makes me aware of inside and outside my body.

    I want you to know that your writing has done what it is supposed to do: inspiring thinking. Therefore, please take my comments as you wish πŸ™‚ They are probably more for me.

    BTW, I like, your painting too!


    • I wrote this a long time ago . Weird connection…,but i was watching movie “immortal beloved” … nothing to do with it ,yet it has inspired me …and the movie was and still is one of the most wonderful ones i saw .

  2. Really like this one, did you make a wish?
    I’m the one in the upstairs hallway, pounding over and over again…only I’m bouncing on a pogo stick! lol

  3. Yes, Biljana, I know of that movie that you’re talking about. Connections, inspirations, memories, and years of combinations to fuel imagination.

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