In the morning




With you, I walked through the mornings,

Listening you translating meanings of the each star,

That we stole from above.

We melted into the spring rain drops,

Dreamed beside flowery gardens,

Singing to each flower, fortuned enough to tingle your neck.

My heart is full of breathing,

And I wanted entire world to hear it.

Oh, why that unnecessary importance?

What a waste of precious years!

What a waste of pleasing the wrong side of Universe!

  I woke   up this morning,

And millions of images of my life started into my face.

I counted the things I took for granted living that life, comparing it to unrealistic

And foreign life of UN known.

Why would I want that world to hear my heart?

I want YOU to hear it alone!

You, my best friend.

You, my journey!  


14 thoughts on “In the morning

  1. Thanks for stoping by “Unwalled”…I’m glad my post “T. D. Jakes – Let Them Walk & The Gift of Goodbye” was a blessing to you. All the best with your writings and your blog!…..Shalom!…Kim

  2. “listening you translated the meanings of each star we stole from above” is so beautiful, Biljana! You must love your hubby to pieces!!! 🙂

    • He is my first love…my first everything 🙂 This one was written very very long time ago…while i was translating i changed some meanings ,but i’m glad it turned out as a good message 🙂

    • I’ll sneak around and check the options…i know there were some i liked,but really haven’t search too long after i saw the color green … You’ll see the difference ,i hope i make it interesting , cos i know that visually well designed blog pull viewers in . :)Thanks for ideas 🙂

  3. I was hoping i could play with this design a little more,but i have to figure out first whats what :)O do i do that…how do i put that with a new posts , i honestly don’t know…?

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