Forever love

           FOREVER LOVE


Should you ever love again?

Make colors of the night

Brighter than the loving eyes in summer sunlight.

Always, and only, for her.


Take her hand when she feels blue,

And let the scarves inside her soul be gone.

In a forbidden world she’ll never step again.


Should you say words; I LOVE YOU!

You must be sure you recognize

Every meaning that they contain.


Then, place your kingdom crown

On her heart,

And give her the key of the castle

That no other door of temptation cannot open.


Should you ever be loved again?

You shall be loved in a way I loved you

In our past life,

In a different way,

In an honest world.

And never having to tell her goodbye.


Should in your future wisdom overcome

Half-hearted thoughts, and let you learn

 How to live only the delicious feelings of life.

And don’t ever judge the child inside her

While you travel the path of forever love! Image

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