No one to blame

Prepare to climb upon the cliff

with broken compass ,

and washed out footprints in the rain,

falling without the reasons once again.

Surrender to the storm of a miracle ,

and wild stones. 

Open space ,

pure as innocence,

exotic and intense .

No one to blame,

for bitterness of the kiss.

You have satisfied curiosity and your hurt.

No one to blame,

for not predicting her walking away,

glowing with a pride,

and not hearing your fearful whisper ;

Are you coming back  to smell the garden?

Are you coming back to taste the spring ?

Are you coming back to see how much i fear fear?

Are you coming back to hear it cost very little to beg?

Are you coming back for anything?


20 thoughts on “No one to blame

    • Thanks Paul…Words hit me especially when i’m inspired after watching some movie on my favorite channel (all those “cry baby” stuff that woman like to watch for God knows what reasons 🙂

      • seriously, it’s scary sometimes when men think JUST Because you are kind and friendly to them, they form some phycho ILLUSIONS about it, creatiing MORE than was EVER there…when you are SO blessed with your awesome husband!! I’m beginning to get jealous girlfriend!!! sometimes your poems are SO full of love, maybe because you’ve struggled, but we all do, and it just makes your love stronger!!! which you have obviously achieved!!!! I wish you MUCH happiness!!! Enough for all of us! 😉

  1. “washed out footprints in the rain” and “surrender to the storm of a miracle”…..JUST LOVELY BB!!!
    very inspiring, and I so want to steal and use in one of my own peoms…lol…but I won’t!

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