His love

He brought you home a fortune,

in expensive antic of love.

Warm and pure ,

as a simple thought ,

sleeping on the pillow

in a form of a yellow rose petals.

Your brain is beating

like clouds above your heart,

in a constant remembrance

of him watching you.

As if the last Horizon approached ,

he gave you a center view

of the ending-

From where you began your journey !

You came across exotic jungle ,

You flew so far on a string of sounds

that he kept under his sleeves .

You will never breath again

in the evening that never ends .

He measured ,

He framed all of you ,

as if the world knew

only design of your face.

He watches you ,

as if daylight wins over your beauty,

Trusting not

to any reason to refuse you,

if he wanted his heart

to keep beating.Image

23 thoughts on “His love

  1. Another poem delivered beautifully through your words. Your images and words match perfectly together. There is a certain eloquence about it. And these lines made me say Wow!:

    Your brain is beating

    like clouds above your heart,

    in a constant remembrance

    of him watching you.

    • I woke up looking through the window seeing nothing but snow pouring as it was middle of December…i wrote this while still sleepy :).There is something about peacefulness and imaginations ,a little bit of confusions in fitting words just as they come across my mind…just as the beauty of snowflakes :).Thank you so much 🙂

    • Let me advertise myself …that is on the cover of my first book and my sister favorite… just on this one something happen with this girl nose…i fixed of course on the original convey he he he. Thank you DD 🙂

  2. Hi biljanazovkic. I like this poem. But I can’t say I have known love. Thank you for liking my poem ‘ lethal arrest’. Best Wishes, The Foureyed Poet.

    • Don’t know how you missed out this one ccccc :). I see more then 800 posts on email just now that i’ll never catch up (just in last 3 days that i had no time for ),and God knows how many that are never showing even though i follow bloggers ….Glad you like it Nicole 🙂

  3. I do not know either lol shame on me only 800 post lots of reading for you im sure after little time of adjusting to a new work schedule you will get better with it how was day off ?

  4. Day off was completely sleepy day (only two cups of coffee…that’s all awakened time he he)…and already thinking just to continue sleep . After having my “nationality debate” of people that wonder ( two days of saying numberless time that i am not Russian ,or Polish, or Czech…even Latino (which i could understand if it was middle of summer-when that normally happen he he …tiring already …ya, with the time I better get use to it… Till another opportunity comes along I’ll be fine ..as long as i have good book and peace and quiet on my coffee breaks….peace and quiet in general is my healthy motto 🙂
    I feel a little guilty for not reading blogs , but i think i just only can catch up newest ones tomorrow morning …that’s what happen when life gets in the way :). Have a wonderful weekend 🙂

    • YOU HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND do not think it is going be sunny enough this weekend to make you Latino yet he he some people will never agree with you but that’s their loss right. i have my daughters graduation from collage on Sunday what a great day for all . good luck catching up and hope you find time soon for paintings and more post they will be missed by all. once again have a wonderful mothers day 🙂 🙂

  5. OOOO, how sweet..What a Big Big day …your baby girl is all grown up …big congratulation 🙂 :)…Now good night for real and have AWESOME Sunday :). I’ll find time eventually …wouldn’t give up painting and writing, it will broil inside me till i get time …will use every chance i get.

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