I don’t fear you at all

On the blanket of my mornings

laughter and noises barking by the wall.

Don’t wave at me with the snakes poisoned!

It doesn’t frighten  me at all!

In the dreamy sight of the light splashes ,

my lips are covered with a smile.

Don’t frighten me with a tear!

I’ll ignore you as every other lie.

I’ll dance beneath the sun,

i’m born to silence your blame.

Don’t frighten me with a darkness,

Your hunger is your own shame.

I’ll walk, i’ll run, i’ll stay still.

No one has earned my time!

Don’t frighten me with years and loss,

My soul is still young and alive!

The leaves will tickle my toes ,

I am playing the game of life price!

Don’t frighten me , you insecure pity,

I wont  fall… i will rise!

I’ll fight,I’ll run, I’ll party!

I’ll celebrate air and restless times!

Don’t frighten me with your false  touch!

A new breath runs through my rhymes.

On the blanket of my nights ,

a composer  is knocking on my wall!!!

Don’t bark ! Don’t blame! Don’t curse !

I don’t fear you at all!!!!Image

10 thoughts on “I don’t fear you at all

  1. omg you GO girl!!! wow! that was AWEsome! love the line “you insecure pity!!” bwahahahaha magnificent!

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