Close your eyes,my love

Beside me and my song,

playground and just one choice!

Close your eyes,my love,

Hear honestly in my voice!

It takes so little,just a touch,

in spirit and nothing but free.

Close your eyes,my love;

so that you my soul could see.

Don’t hear no more what they say,

Right here is the change and your place.

Close your eyes,my love;

So that you could see my face.

Demolish the bridges of sorrow,

Nothing can break us and part.

Close your eyes,my love;

And see inside of my heart!

illustration of a couple in an air balloon of moon  Stock Photo - 16097299Golden Dreams II Art PrintSilhouette couple kissing over sunset background Stock Photo - 12750950heart book

20 thoughts on “Close your eyes,my love

  1. “Nothing can BREAK you apart!!!!” remember that when he leaves the toilet seat up!!! hehehe you are lined UP! 🙂

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  4. This poem is so true! We have to close our eyes to truly see. We close our eyes so our hearts can see, which has greater sign than the eyes. Love the message of love and truth you convey here. Keep writing Biljana : )

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