12 thoughts on “Happy Woman’s day

  1. This is so true..You can’t change what you feel good or bad at each moment in time in our hearts but I have learned to focus on the good feelings which took a lot of practise. This helps one feel much better and grow spiritually though it is very very hard sometimes.

      • Just found your comments I think. Thanks for your support here. Had lost eyesight so not reading books for some time yet. I have to look at your poetry books though and see which one Helen would like next week as I forgot with going blind gtwice recently hence coming off Twitter. All the best in this big bad world..

      • Hi Anna :)…What do you mean you lost your eyesight twice recently? How are you been doing?
        Hope all is ok with your eyes…nothing serious ,right?
        To give you heads up, in both of my books i noticed some grammar mistakes ,so promise no laughing ones you got it ;). First one is longer ,but second are with more recent poems…all this in my blog that i post since this year started are written after (so one day when i get time free i’ll sort them all and make third book …pretty impossible now since i started work i barely have time to check blogs ,not to mention anything else).
        I am honored that you want to get my book for such a special person as Helen is for you.
        I will respond to your other comments by the end of week …so running out of time today. Wishing you a wonderful day and we’ll talk soon. 🙂

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