God’s door

Its just  a blur moment of grey,

that turned your trust into a cry .

I’m holding the cup with the hope drops,

please  tell me that you’ll try!

Bear with my moods of  distance ,

That is the  nature of mine when i write.

For you, for us i breathe,

for your love I create art.

I know my clouds have hurt you.

I promised, i lied, i swore…

Those sorrows are gone as my prayers

have opened  God’s door.

15 thoughts on “God’s door

    • I’ve notice that yesterday while reading your posts…got confused too for a sec …:)…but i just change it few days ago…you beat me :)…enjoying your blog 🙂

  1. I woke up with the realisation this morning that hope is the power that sustains and motivates me each day and for a little while yesterday I lost mine….To read your words – it was like you were echoing mine….Thank you….

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