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Shards Of DuBois

My Muse:

My Dearest You

For more beautiful paintings by Biljana Zovkic, click below.


My Dearest You


I flew away

with my heart still in her hand

my sister, my friend, my strength.

The clouds called to me

she’ll hold it safely

return it to me someday.

My being seemed to shrink

crumpled in lonely doubts,

yet she smiled fiercely

through her tears,

only for me.

She burst love across

a hillside of flowers,

scattered beauty stretching

for miles,

and miles,

to reach me.

Her honesty falls like

a summer rain of mischief,

a fresh white snow cleansing my pain,

a butterfly’s kiss needed each moment.

I’ve always trusted her hope in me,

inspiring me to follow my dreams,

when others won’t.

Her spirit baffles all torment,

her belief in me forever soars.

She is the essence,

she is the meaning

of Sister,

My Dearest You.

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