5 thoughts on “MY THIRD HUG :)

  1. I, like you, love a dark background on my blog showing up the vibrant lighter colours. I LOVE the painting of the woman lying in the forest with the dark skies above(the first one) as it could be a young me! And though I’m not really an artist, painter, poet or photographer in a famous way I try them all when I have to fit something into my blog . I’m merely an inspirational songwriter with great links I am enjoying my life creating to please others and looking at your wonderful art.I Your comments inspire me to carry on in my same haphazard way. It’s been good so far. Going to check out your book within next two days..Thanks for the wonderful art and words. Title of your Blog is good too!

    • What a wonderful words .Thank you so much. Hope you do notice i’m checking out your blog daily since i discovered you (unless i get mad at computer being weird and slow he he). Thank you for wanting to check my book out …its a half way written on my language…my first attempt with some grammar missed out doing it …please do tell me what your thoughts are :)… Keep up your bright inspiration 🙂

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