6 thoughts on ““Reach high,for stars lie hidden in your soul…”

  1. I LOVE the lampost and misty surroundings, stone etc. as there’s something about lamposts and the end one about the mind not being open. And I’m so glad you have this dark background for your Blog as it shows up the art so beautifully. Thanks for following. Must see this book of yours tonight before I work or after on telephones.

    • Aren’t they awesome ?!
      I was kind of wishing i could add some colors in background …got to play and discover…but in general i like this much more from previous one.
      Thank you so much for taking time to check my book out …which one do you have in mind?Think you can review both of them (couple of pages)online. It make me feel great ,really :). But of course i follow you !!!Thank you so much Ana 🙂

  2. Truth in both statements and well illustrated by the paintings. I love the face carved out of rock in the second painting. I have spent a lot of time wandering the deserts of the the southwestern US. It is easy to see faces in rocks if you are open to the idea…

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