Scared (Plasi me)

SCAREDGothic widow lying on a tombstone with a red rose Stock Photo - 10761414


I’m scared of the night,

Of the sounds from distant train barks,

And fast, inexperienced driving hands.

I am scared of the foggy dawning,

 And a new day.

I am scared of the thought,

That sunshine would scarf my face,

Just like your eyes wounded my heart.

I’m scared of the power in my beating chest,

And the broken dreams.


        PLASI ME


Plasi me noc.

Plase me zvukovi sto odnekud kasne,

I brze voznje nespretnih ruku

U magli sutona koji gasne.

Plasi me zora.

Plasi me krik novoga dana.

Plasi me misao da ce mi suncem

Stic novi nalet bolnijih rana.

  Plasi me snaga,

Pogleda tvoga sto me para,

Plasi me srce drhtavo ovo

Sto tuce u grudima ludog sanjara.

8 thoughts on “Scared (Plasi me)

  1. Fear that stems from the pain of past encounters. Eyes that follow us. Hearts that heal far too slowly. If ever. Yet there is such strength in the expression of this. And such beauty. You are a poet. You construct experience in the words you choose. That is strength. That is endurance beyond fear.

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