I need the reason to stop the time,

where the presents of my passionate gifts

were remembered by the storyteller ,

lost in imagination.

I created the cage of my mind,

where my heart was pounding remained locked,and safe,

and disconnected from clouds outside.

I’ll leave tomorrow,

for a walk ,

by the beaches of my soul.

26 thoughts on “Reason

  1. Unusual touching painting and I like the last line of the poem saying ‘the beaches of my soul’. Something Jim Morrison may have thought too. Lovely!

      • Yes just look in newspapers, magazines or even online. I saw a sky scene from my village near Lanark and it was horrible and this probpted me to send a photo with prple and yellow skies-clouds with two ees above them and it got in first go. I’m going to keep to mystical photography as this is happening now last few years and of course they are ALL warnings of some sort. I’m not alone in this type of thing but spot on when I get an image as the result appears or happens very quickly. Not all good though but confirms my belief in higer power than me and Jim and everyone.

  2. Hearts and Butterflies growing on a stem. You should enter this one into a competiton as no-one has done this – Salvador Dali comes to mind again and I mean here his ‘uniqueness’.

  3. Thankyou for dro[[ing by my blog. This is a beautiful, evocative poem. Thanks for sharing. Namaste.

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