The night sky breaks,

Outside my heart and me.

Stranger than anything is the feeling

Of trail of luck from yesterday.

My gaze again met him,

And all beloved dreams within.

And warmth of south winds

And all the tears

All wonders and expectations,

All greatness of youth love,

Become one.

At simple blink of your eyes.

Missing gate of heavenly shine

Penetrates salty waterfalls of disappeared: “could have been”.

And who knows why and how

Life will melt the empty night

May be a critical everlasting pain

Or maybe nothing with morning dawn!

27 thoughts on “SKY AT NIGHT

  1. This title came into my head today so I was amazed to see this. The painting is PERFECT with the words mixing past, present and tomorrow making us think..think..wonderful words.

    • Hi Anna…i stole your thoughts didn’t I … he he… you know as i posted earlier sweet morning (about an award) moments after i saw similar title..posted before me (really nice poem)…of all words ,really funny.
      So if you had a title in your mind just get it done :)…and i am looking forward to read it 🙂 Thank you so much 🙂

    • As an extra meaning …glad that sentence turned out that way..i remember wondering (translating from my language) if its going to make sense …happy it did. Thank you so much 🙂

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    • I am missing it too. Can’t believe its been so long since i painted or wrote single sentence…such a busy months,but i do sneak a peak every now and then …hoping to get inspired soon…last year this time words were bursting out of me…Got to spend some time outside watching this beautiful scene of leaves falling…and be back soon 🙂

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