I would pour out my shattered heart

Poisoned by the refugee roads of waiting.

On the doorway of my still existing love 

I will pray for the soul not to humble,

When I’m taken into the beautiful nowhere”

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Scared (Plasi me)

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I’m scared of the night,

Of the sounds from distant train barks,

And fast, inexperienced driving hands.

I am scared of the foggy dawning,

 And a new day.

I am scared of the thought,

That sunshine would scarf my face,

Just like your eyes wounded my heart.

I’m scared of the power in my beating chest,

And the broken dreams.


        PLASI ME


Plasi me noc.

Plase me zvukovi sto odnekud kasne,

I brze voznje nespretnih ruku

U magli sutona koji gasne.

Plasi me zora.

Plasi me krik novoga dana.

Plasi me misao da ce mi suncem

Stic novi nalet bolnijih rana.

  Plasi me snaga,

Pogleda tvoga sto me para,

Plasi me srce drhtavo ovo

Sto tuce u grudima ludog sanjara.

My bridge

There was a stone bridge

of my travels-

Never knew what i made it for !

Many steps ,and many faults

stood by an open wooden door.

I heard words ,

they were running faster-

Hunted profit stuck on shore,

like my never finished dream

knocking on my brain wall.

All those fancy, glowing faces,

celebrating what they were.

Decent letters -evil message

i wont read them any more.

Leave your toasted shadow hanging-,

nothing further to adore!

My sixth  sense -my clear river,

haven’t swim there yet before.

Stop your travel -throw your belongings,

what is more there to explore?

My stone bridge is much destroyed-

You wont walk on it any more! 

Let us

Let us walk up above

them all!

Let us jump

off the cliff together!

Let us find out

How deep we can love!

How far we can see

into the spectacular future,

when it rains !

How high we can rise,

if a heavy load of life

crumble our fingers.

Let us seek for the power

and find out:

if the beauty is the true face

of our souls!

Would  the peace

cost us our strength?

Would someone’s defeat

be the curse of our victory ?!



 Red Dress Paintings - Winter Gothic Fairy by Shawna Erback by Shawna Erbackpic by Shawna E.

I was used to live my life of expectations,

Of other visions, of what is supposed to be.

I haven’t looked out for myself,

Trusting it foolishly.

I locked deep inside, something precious,

Something that my conscious knew 

It’s my truth.

I thought, I deserved the disaster of throwing away the key,

 Of that treasure.

I have surrounded my faith

With the hands of those, whose beliefs were deceiving God.

I was used to a life,

To the predictable days of dishonest heartbeats,

And winter cold winds in my soul.

They followed me,

And ruled away my choices as they pleased,

Soaking me in despair,

As a dirty sponge of regrets.

The fear was greater than my being,

Not allowing me to listen to the common sense,

 Appearing and knocking furiously in madness,

Through the foggy windows,

Begging me,

Yelling at me,

Urging me, that all have been fake.

I have been in a closed struggle of wooden walls,

As a prisoner of  dark, annoying  voices,

That wouldn’t shut up.

Then I heard  a cardinal singing.  

As the brightness of awakening.

The truth has unlocked its treasure,

By the single sound of it,

 As the Christmas bells and chandeliers.

The crystal clear present of the real me,

Has stepped out of foolishness.

So much forsaken beauty stared at me in wonder,

Why did I waste so much time acknowledging it?  

Vjerovati (Trust)



  VJEROVATI            Red Dress Paintings - Poise in Silhouette by Richard Young pic.by Richard Young



Nakon svega sto je bilo,

svi izgubljeni , tuzni sati,

Opet sapat tvojih rijeci

Al im necu vjerovati.

Nakon setnji uz oluju,

Ne mogu ti srce dati,

Ponovo je nebo plavo,

Ko da zeli da me shvati.

Nakon toplog ljetnog sunca,

Sjecanja ce jesen sprati,

Ispod grane , tvoja suza,

Ne zelim je obrisati.

Nakon svega , nas tu nema,

Noc te duga nece zvati,

Besanost mi ljubav nosi,

Ne mogu je sacuvati.