Quotes by TAGORE

Beauty is truth’s smile when she beholds her own face in a perfect mirror.

Rabindranath Tagore

Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky.
Rabindranath Tagore

Rabindranath Tagore 

Everything comes to us that belongs to us if we create the capacity to receive it.


Rabindranath Tagore




 It doesn’t make me crazy

 If I talk to myself;

 I am simply in a relationship with my words.

 Maybe I ate a delicious cookie, and now I’m trying not to step on the scale,

 As it has painful proof of it.

 I’ll burn those extra calories, taking it in allowed.

 I do not need to schedule the time; the words are always open to me.

 Beside love,

 They are the most intimate and precious possessions of mine.

 It fascinates me how the simple things in life,

 People often intend to turn it into a difficult puzzle.

 They are trying to fit in the impossible game,

 Intentionally, they’re aiming to fail.

 You’re suddenly listening to the random conversations.

 You’re making an assumption on your own,

 Even though they are speaking a foreign language.

 You’re stupidly avoiding learning something,

 That you actually could use

In this limited lifetime.

Why are you trying to intrude the beauty?

Invest yourself into the relationship

That occupied your own heart and being.

My relationship with the words

Is the longest I’ve had.

I’m still getting to know them, each day,

Realizing how much of amusement they offer,

And how much undiscovered art they contain.

How untouched and fresh they sound,

As a new born child.

We are all using similar words,

But I am not threatened,

Because nobody said any of them

In a way my words are use to be said.

So, do not look at me like that,

I like to make sense of nonsense,

That makes sense only to me,

In my long discussions with myself.    


       Metkovic (Croatia)




When you look into your inner self,

What is the first image your heart sees?

I have searched my soul.

I invited the brightness of healing,

From the place of fresh air.

The thief of self-destruction will rush into the precious time,

And it penetrated unwelcomed breath,

To my lungs.

Why do we act without wisdom,

That shines through,

If you open your eyes?

So, why do we close them?  



When i go alone 

into the silent night,

my eyes are starting inside my tumbling heart.

Thirsty sentiment blows out

of my chest,

closed eyelids cling round the lake ,

from where the secrets wind rushes

over the bridge.

I did not walk,

nor swim near you.

I did not run behind

the wonder doors,

nor did i fly above the foam of the rain

and clouds.

I stood between the walls,

and the song that made my mind drunk…

I’m hoping you go on ,

while shadows deepening desire,

and leading you to find your truth

and to return you home .


Into the wild,

she stepped whispering ,

and old trees closed its shadowy wings

smelling the sent of a jasmine .

Before her,

the endlessness lifted her arms,

as she reached for the moon,

that never forgets .

The hours of the slow rising sun

turned into a lovely dream.

The strangeness of a simple “get away”

carried her like a traveler above the stars,..

behind the valley of a child ,..

as fast as the heart beats of wonder,

as long as eternity,

soundless as silence ,

yet as loud as a symphony .

The pearls of a young grass

in her loose hair,

danced with an early birds song of her soul

to where she belongs.


             STARRY ARMOR


Distance of my starry Armor shadows up my eyes

And my heart becomes a secret.

Will I ever find you in this drab of presage?

 In those traces that I am barely touching with my breath?

I walk in silence

Through the labyrinth that my heart has written with clouds.

My steps are sinking in the last scent of warmth

Reality is taking the last drop of my constant sweat  

I know you are lying!

Knowing that,

You are pouring out my wanting

With your filthy smile

My soul seeks love!

With my vision,

My Armor made of stars has drifted away.

Being with you was more painful than the hardest pain.

Sweet taste of pain has its victory.

Washed away

When is too hard to picture

the longest journey

breaking down into the smallest steps-

Little by little

they’ll washed away.

The test of the time

of the unique You will begin.

Without hiding in a crowd ,

and unsatisfied choices,

You’ll begin to run the risks

of your reasons.