For my mom’s b-day

On the blank convey i see your face ,

and your blooming eyes 

of a spring splendor.

The moment 

in which you told me all

about me.

I am eternal center of your joys .

Each memory 

belonging wholly to the dream 

between blue island 

and this birthday greet ,

as a quid to hug you today ,

and remind your fragile child 

of the ever present love!!!

Happy birthday my wonderful mom!!!! 

12 thoughts on “For my mom’s b-day

  1. This is lovely. My mother and I were not together due to a log illness but we became close over the years and though she is not here I put up what I know of her happy days in Long Island swimming when she was young, I was not on the scene. Lovely photo. Thanks at this special time and EASTER MONDAY.

  2. oh what a lovely poem on your mom

    how beautiful is a mom, you can never have words enough to say anything for her, a mom is a mom. can we write enough about a mom

    NO but we can just try to

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