The music draws

violinist fingers moving  gently,

touching deep longings with each note ,

and the silent crowd

soaked in  rhythmic tones.

Breathlessly ,they are seeking for more

of its magic sounds.

Slowly through time tied in desire

over the golden veil,

she  sank in tired joy ,

and drifted away like a dream!Beautiful girl with a violin on black Stock Photo - 12459103

27 thoughts on “Violinist

  1. Very beautiful. It brought back memories of an Indian movie called Rockstar where the musician compares his beloved with his guitar, which was his most prized possession.

  2. My grandpa played violin to me in our huge attic whilst I painted the sky from the window. In seventies I met a female violinist from Brooklyn, NY who took on my first water-ski from which I had to be rescued by Baywatch-type rescue squad so this lovely poem and quirky photo mean a LOT to me as regards great memories. Thanks for this one.

  3. Nothing moves me like a great string player 🙂 I love the way she fades away at the end into the other world, conjured up by the music. I am transported……..

  4. Your word always capture feelings I have had. Often I have hung out there in the stratosphere, captured by the high note of a violin perfectly played… and then returned to earth, satiated.

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