Little is enough

Her soul shines in your half closed eyes ,

reveling nights of frost ,

and the speech 

that beholds every change .

In the illusion of words ,

is the finished message,

and endless beginning,

from where your shaken heart is praised.

Love is present ,

yet uniquely confused 

in need of space ,

that some can not endure.

In the mirror ,

your burden of passion is torn 

between two faces ,

barely recognizing each other.

Her spirit speak your inner truth ,

and strangely feel this power ,

and the moment ,i miss grass.

Living ;

The glamour of knowing ,

that behind tears,

behind aching ,

a little is enough   .

14 thoughts on “Little is enough

  1. Little is enough as when we having nothing it’s not enough so I’m always grateful every day for life and where the spirit leads me as long as I listen. Though little, this is enough for me. Was just counting my blessings today then read this. Thanks for this one and also for your kind comments and likes.

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