“Stari most”-MOSTAR -Life quotes

  • Kit McCallum
    Poems on Life: Sometimes the most difficult choices are the very ones that can bring us the greatest rewards.
    • Wolfgirl
      Poems on Life: We all hide a piece of ourselves from the world. Some of us hide more than a small piece, and long for the day we can be set free.
      • Jeanelle
        Poems on Life – Family Poems: Loving someone doesn’t always mean understanding them. But even when that’s true, there is one answer that is never wrong.
      • #80
        Melissa Roberts
        Poems on Life: Anger can destroy friendships. And, sometimes, people too.

        • #89
          Kathleen Sheppard
          Poems on Life: All people value appreciation. But we want to be appreciated for who we are, and not just because we look good.
        • #88
          Poems on Life: Into every life a little rain must fall. How we deal with that rain is what determines our future.

This is how i see “stari most”u Mostaru 🙂

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