THE VELVET

I still can see the velvet through the veil of tears,

And your lips feel warmer then the summer, again.

Softer then satin, was the hand that caressed a star in me.

And writhed with the whole strands.

Still, a whisper in the night,

Smell somewhat confused with aspiration.

I can see trough the tears the velvet fog,

Traced on your road.

11 thoughts on “THE VELVET

  1. Yesterday I could not find words to describe a feeling I had when someone spoke to me for the first time. A hand that caressed a star in me are perfect so you did it for me unknowingly. Lovely short and sweet. Great paintings too.

      • Thanks so much. You are too kind…We are stardust inside and connected to everything up there by an invisible network of lines, sques, traiangles, circles etc. which some people can see but it is not always good to know too much ..There’s always a mystery like how on earth did Jim get into my dreams and those of my friends with specific prophecies about bands, the earth and planets and my eyes many many years ago. Mystery remains and I accept this.

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