Leaving me day and night looking sad,

And gone like dreaded leaves on the ground of autumn.

Our yard is so colorful,

Street overvalued with other people steps

As tired rain.

Sorrow is bravely approaching my wall of cherished memories

And your voice, out of reach, fading with them forever.

For the first time I see,

It means nothing to believe in promise of a charming tomorrow.

In your dear hair, the wind is tired of planning future disasters,

Your tears dried out of unforgettable falseness,

Your mouth’s hot breath smells like a poisoned drop of lies.

Rain, rain tired rain.

Make me disappear into sleep,

As you make those puzzles fading and combine the entire earth

In an innocent angel of a crystal.

16 thoughts on “TIRED RAIN

  1. serious goosebumps. Your lines are so well-crafted–each a gem to be considered, but here’s what walloped me: “And your voice, out of reach, fading with them forever.”

    The saddest thing is to no longer hear the lost love–be it lover, family or friend–in your head.

    Come read Greyhound Down–it’s a crap poem, but has 1 great sentiment in it. I hate gratuitous linking personally, so search it on site if you want.

    Your paintings are amazing. My late sister Diane was an artist of your caliber.

    • I will look at you poem right after this respond to you. I have one sister that i miss so very much (lives in Europe),i can just imagine loss you feel . My daughter name is Diana (i knew that’s going to be my baby name since i was very young having dreams of being a mom and listening to my mom’s favorite song “Diana” by Paul Anka) . Do you have your sister art work?-maybe you could let us all see :)-i would love to!!! 🙂

      • Biljana…hmm…how do I pronounce that? I am thinking: “Bill–zsahn–ah”…:)

        Thank you for your empathy. Your considered empathy. I am including a link to a post I made some time ago that’s an amalgam of some of her different mediums. Funny, I was just thinking about compiling another “gallery” post the other day. She was SOO talented–and you know, cool–an artist….artists are so interesting.

        Diana is a great name. The Goddess!! Although lately I have been having a love affair with Helen and Paris’s love story…so romantic!!

        anyway. You made me feel great…to read this! 🙂


      • Just visited that fantastic gallery of your sister art…really very special ❤ 🙂 ! Still not able to find the poem -help!!!
        My name just kind of streach like bil-ya-na …i’ll make sense :)(pronounce “j” as “y” 😉

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