STARRY ARMOR


Distance of my starry Armor shadows up my eyes

And my heart becomes a secret.

Will I ever find you in this drab of presage?

 In those traces that I am barely touching with my breath?

I walk in silence

Through the labyrinth that my heart has written with clouds.

My steps are sinking in the last scent of warmth

Reality is taking the last drop of my constant sweat  

I know you are lying!

Knowing that,

You are pouring out my wanting

With your filthy smile

My soul seeks love!

With my vision,

My Armor made of stars has drifted away.

Being with you was more painful than the hardest pain.

Sweet taste of pain has its victory.

17 thoughts on “STARRY ARMOR

  1. I can follow this so fluidly. Each thought brings a moment and image pressing close to the heart and mind of the narrator.
    “I walk in silence

    Through the labyrinth that my heart has written with clouds.”
    Wonderful and fantastic!

  2. Thank you so much :). This poem was first written on my own language first…it was a little challenging to translate and make sense of what i wanted to say… Its great to hear comment like this 🙂

  3. AWESOME new background sis! and this poem is SO good, it just drew me in, and I love how the chick in the painting is standing there so saucy! like the last lines of the poem! well done! You should title it, “take that beatch” hehehe! very good!!

    • I thought about what we talked about …letter visibility …he he…i like it (till something new and interesting caught my eyes) …think also that is easier to get to older posts then before :)…remind me to tell u about the girl on painting …very funny 🙂

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