11 thoughts on “Thank you for sunshine today

  1. hi…! your works (poems/paintings) are beautiful. Soon will be opening a biz (Some Velvet Dream) and there will be its own blog/website; and it will be very public/active; unlike my own blog. Anyway, construction is ongoing to restore a beautiful older bldg to showcase stunning painters/writers/musicians/other forms of art too – and I believe your paintings and poetry books would be perfect – you aren’t that far from where it is -; and I have family in north shore towns of Chicago – go there often on visits. Once the website is up/running (hopefully in another month or so as rehabbing comes nearer to being complete); I will be posting a link to it on AndOtherThoughts. It will have email/contact info within the biz’ link. I think you would be well received as an artist; give you more exposure and patrons for your works. I’d be delighted to have you as an artist.

    I hope to hear from you – and, again… you hold absolutely beautiful perspective within your work. (I’d do that “like” thing on your blog postings, but I don’t know how to.)

    My best,


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