If I’d observed all the rules, I’d never have got anywhere.

Marilyn Monroe

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I don’t mind living in a man’s world as long as I can be a woman in it.

Marilyn Monroe

Quotes by Ayn Rand

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People come ,

with a warning labels ,

but your poetic strangeness justified it.

 You were afraid that ,

once your silky voice taste the toxic sounds,

Your heart won’t be able to love as much ,

and stay in limbo ,

never recovering again.

It was the hunger,

and refusal to accept unhappiness,

degree ding yourself ,

For nothing!

It was possible desire ,

to do something stupid ,

with a serious intentions.

Like ,as you shovel your face with madness,

reveling your shame,

To the  other half of you ,

that restlessly fight .

Don’t be afraid any longer ,

You still have label of goodness in your heart “



Heart it is, Not a Brick or Stone

Heart it is, not a brick or stone
Why shouldn’t it feel the pain? 
Let none tyrannize this heart 
Or I shall cry again and again
Neither the temple, nor the mosque
Nor on someone’s door or porch
I await on the path where He will tread
Why others should compel me to go? 
The illumined grace that lights up the heart
And glows like the midday sun
That Self that annihilates all sights
When then it hides in the mysterious net? 
The amorous glance is the deadly dagger
And the arrows of emotions are fatal
Your image may be equally powerful
Why should it appear before you? 
The rules of life and bonds of sorrow
In reality are the one manifestation
Before realizing the ultimate truth 
How can then one attain liberation? 
Love is laden with noble thoughts
Yet what remains is the carnal shame
Trust conscience the still little voice 
Why do you want test the rival? 
There the pride of modesty resides
Here dwells the social morality
How shall we meet, on which road
Why should he invite me to the abode? 
True he is an atheist
Unfaithful and unchaste
Dear to who is faith and heart
Why should he then venture there? 
Without the wretched ‘Ghalib’
Has any activity come to a halt? 
What then is the need to cry? 
What then is the need to brood? 

Mirza Ghalib


The sweetens of the pain –

The blame that’s  throbbing through

The blames and the sorrows

of what i did and didn’t do.

The depth inside the prayer –

hidden lesson of  glory

For unhappiness I  brought you-

my love, I am sorry.

The master of your troubles –

gave you the  power to forgive-

Shadow of  what’s in your heart is left behind

and will teach you again to believe.




Nakon svega sto je bilo,

svi izgubljeni , tuzni sati,

Opet sapat tvojih rijeci

Al im necu vjerovati.

Nakon setnji uz oluju,

Ne mogu ti srce dati,

Ponovo je nebo plavo,

Ko da zeli da me shvati.

Nakon toplog ljetnog sunca,

Sjecanja ce jesen sprati,

Ispod grane , tvoja suza,

Ne zelim je obrisati.

Nakon svega , nas tu nema,

Noc te duga nece zvati,

Besanost mi ljubav nosi,

Ne mogu je sacuvati.