Horrified was the junkie,

when the prophet of the one-man plague

caused delusions

so quiet and rigidity.

It swig jabbed his soul

when he saw my old pal.

Bloody with no contact

detoxed from the shingle

of the wacky trail.

Peaches and teeth locked up

miles away from the stir

when she was thrown somewhere

a familiar voice is heard .

It felt like murder on my skin.

Castco,himself,could not stand

the voice of Β the and alone.

TheΒ dropsΒ were cold and dark,

while the dead stayed young.

(… from the dark project… )

11 thoughts on “DELUSIONS OF MIND (By Marko Z)

  1. Glad to see Marko on the blog…that’s great. I hope he picks out his own page here pretty soon! Your loyalty to poetry has rubbed off on him Biljana!

    • I had feeling that he took that poetic side …he wouldn’t let me even read till recently,but saw him typing for his class project …so he let me …wouldn’t let me post love poems (that i really like)…but did let me post the one that he wrote last week…I’ll keep stealing in the future, think he is gifted :).Thank you Bill πŸ™‚

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