I run like a code

in the shadow of the scent ,

that makes you lose your way,

and get you what you don’t seek.

Like a dance on the balcony of desire,

pulling you astray

and eludes you irresistibly.

I run like a wonder

in the winds ,

to touch you as gently as the breeze ,

without mystery in a moment,

yet crushing your heart.

I run like yellow fog ,

over the field

that stands between melodies and lyrics ,

confusions and laughter,

heart and mind,

day spark after moonlight

that takes me away again .

11 thoughts on “I RUN

  1. Even though I don’t quite understand what some poetry means I love the flow of the words. Jim Morrison would write something like this if he were alive so you have done it for him. I could feel myself gliding over the yellow fog so it’s really atmospheric this one. Wish I knew more about poetry. My friend likes poetry but is not online. Perhaps when I am flush it’s time to buy her one of your books as she would understand poetry better than me but I’m learning slowly! Lovely words and art too. The dog on my logo is my friend’s and she is called Crystal.

    • Hi Anna, you made me smile … i’ll die learning and searching through inspiration and my dear friend dictionary while translating and hoping that words fit as they float in my head…constantly having picture of what i want to say …sometimes confusing myself by it to be honest he he. I am sure you understand way more poetry from what you say…you have great friend who is into it(hello from me)…here is me and many like me that you actually read …so there you go girl. Cheers for Jim M. 🙂

      • Thanks so much again. Tonight I stumbled upon Jim talking to birds with piano in the background. I’m going to get this up. It’s hard to believe I’d never heard of him but I have been led to people who worked with Arthur Lee, The Doors Music, someone from Paris who painted Jim ALL by my intuition leading me there. I must try to write MORE about Arthur Lee stories but my eyes are so bad sometimes. Tonight they are good but had a rest all day. So will keep coming in here to look. Jim would definitely LOVE all your poetry wherever he is. I’m surprised no-one has asked me if he is here. Ha.Ha. Someone who had been on TV and on mysapce page sent me an email saying he ‘felt’ touch of Mr Morrison with you here and received a shocking reply as I’d known something BEFORE he told me regards something connected to him and Jim. So you see I work via the Spirit and sometimes there’s nothing so I put in little things to entertain people. I am serious about the apocalypse as I’ve seen so much in dreams BEFORE the earth was hit and try not to think too much about it…Someone up there or inside our heads knows..Take care.

  2. The words follow each other so beautifully here….love the way it pulls you in from the beginning with the line about the “code”. Striking and lovely images throughout : )

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