We should dance ,

with the instant breeze,

of  the shivering moves in our fulfilled souls…

We should dance for today,

as it is an ordinary need for food,

as it is an urge of our dried throat for water….

58 thoughts on “WE SHOULD DANCE

  1. How many times have you danced today, Biljana? Just been dancing in the morning sun here, Autumn is such a wonder for a wanderer in the tropics beneath a blue sky of thoughtful breezes. Anything but ordinary, have a beautiful weekend!!

    • It happen to be more then ordinary dance-joyful day … pretty much had music around entire day that ended up (as we speak) listening to a fantastic instrumental that i can’t have enough of. Have a extraordinary -beautiful weekend 🙂

  2. ‘We should dance ,

    with the instant breeze,’

    as delicious as the painting! i love everything about this, the textures, the sentiment and pure joy. what a wonderful way to begin a weekend and thank you also for rustling through my archives, i really appreciate your curiosity. 🙂

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  4. Bijana can I as you

    do you translate

    Kamal Amrohi

    and you uderstand it

    than I would suggest

    Mirza Ghalib for you

      • he is considered to be the greatest
        and I have all the masters of urdu shayari in that collection, all legendary poets

        but did you like the meaning of the lyrics
        and tell me how you tranlate

      • Can’t give you an answer yet ,but will try during the day …or if my time run away from me then tomorrow…i am excited to read his work ,i’m sure i’ll like it .As for now i am not familiar with it at all…then i’ll probably say i can’t believe i didn’t he he . I’ll definitely let you know Ayaj 🙂

      • thanks my dear biljana

        he is supposed to be the greatest among all the urdu
        masters, in 1850 upto now he is the king of urdu poetry

        thank you so much dear
        i love you for that too

      • He is considered as greatest with the reason…excited to go to the book store to get the book…will be fighting for the place of the greatest to me with Kalib G, P.Neruda, Maya ,Tagore and few other that are stuck in my brain right now and can’t spell them out he he. Thank you Ayaj so much 🙂

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  6. I would like to subscribe to your exciting blog! Would you put a widget on your site so that I might do so?

    Happy blogging! You are doing a good job.

    Most cordially, Celia

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